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Company overview

Clientive Consulting Limited (CCL) is a HR Management Consulting and Recruitment company in Kenya.

We offer total staffing solutions ranging from basic recruitment, HR outsourcing, payroll processing, organizational restructuring, to project management. Our services help organizations acquire the right human assets and implement effective processes to ensure organizational objectives are achieved with ease and speed.

CCL has a highly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, diversified, and solid team of competent and experienced HR consulting professionals who provide a hassle-free solution to complex, time consuming and -sometimes- political issues affecting your HR processes. We are well known among the leading HR consulting firms in Kenya and Eastern-Central Africa.

It is important to note that today's emerging Human Resource challenges are more complex than ever and CCL offers day to day HR technical support to business organizations. This service is quick and easy to access, with solutions that keep you informed, minimize your risks, and control costs in the areas of employee management.